7 Mile Beach Golf Course Development Announced

It wasn’t long ago that the best land for golf was thought to have been either discovered or already accounted for. Improvements in earth moving equipment lowered the cost to build something from nothing (see Las Vegas for example). Urban sprawl and planned communities meant courses were built around commutes, housing developments and real estate. The obsession to seek out the perfect golfing land seemed fade in deference to that which was best suited for anything outside the game itself.

“If you build it, they will come”

Thank goodness for the recent success of Tara Iti, Bandon Dunes, Barnbougle, Sand Hills, Cape Wickham and Cabot Links. These courses have sparked an appreciation for not only the "Golden Age" of golf architecture, but how those principles ar applied to design today. Golfers around the world have the vision and perseverance of the teams who built these iconic courses to thank. They remind us that the best golf in the world is on land that needs no enhancement and people will go to where the game is best enjoyed.

So now it’s 2021 and the world needs good news. Thankfully, Australia is providing this! A golf project over ten years in the making will begin this year and it has a story similar to many of the best:

  • A vision provided by a passionate golfer who believed that the land mattered
  • Perseverance to realize the project to fruition
  • Architects who understand how to allow the land to ‘reveal’ the course underneath
  • All done with the aim of bringing another great golf destination to the world

So what does this mean for you?

As a visitor to Australia, the country isn’t just adding another great golf option to those already available in the area. 7 Mile Beach is located just outside of Hobart. It represents an opportunity to experience this beautiful piece of the Earth which has too often been overlooked. No doubt Barnbougle will remain a must-play location, but its located on the North end of the island. Traditionally, golfers have not had a reason to see much more of Tassie when they combine Barnbougle with a trip to nearby King Island and Melbourne.

We think the 7 Mile Beach course represents a fantastic golf tourism experience on par with other top locations in the world. Envision a coastal trip in Tasmania to visit Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park and the Bay of Fires between world-class golf courses! Few other places in the world will be able to provide a combination of such beauty and great golf.

We will be sure to keep posting more information as the story develops. Until then, stay safe and fingers crossed we can get beyond Covid ASAP!


Photos: Tourism Australia