Barnbougle Villas and Cottages

The beach and sea are never far from Barnbougle's on-premise accommodations. Multi-rooms options offer coastline views and walking access to two of the country's best courses.

Wake up to views of green ocean and white caps, as the sea grass gently waves in the wind... whether from your room's private deck, or from the windows of Lost Farm Restaurant.

Lodging options include Cottages at The Dunes, 4-bed Bunker Villas, 2-bed Ocean Villas and the luxury Golf Lodge at Lost Farm. Three on-course dining options provide a range of menus and meals, which feature Tasmania's fresh seafood and wines.

Customer reviews

Just wanted to thank you again for such a memorable trip. The best of my life. Still processing all that we saw and played. Blown away. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

—Matt Ginella - host at Golf Channel

Australia was great.. marvelous experiences at the places and with the people that you personally know. We really hope to return.

—Janet C., Atlanta, GA