Boutique Hotels

With a much smaller number of guest rooms - but the same attention to service and comfort as larger luxury hotels - boutique hotels offer accommodation on a more personal, individual scale. These focus on creating a unique atmosphere with quirky artwork, locally made in-room products and trendy bar and dining venues.

Located downtown or in hip nearby neighborhoods, each boutique hotel strives to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for its guests. This may include specialty events, private transfers, and help navigating to the best restaurant and off-the-beaten-path tourist site.

QT Melbourne

Intentionally built in Melbourne's fashion district, this design-driven hotel has been called "an artisan's playground." With a rooftop bar, cake shop and ever-changing curated collection of artwork, the hotel boasts big flavors and bright colors.


With Tasmania's rich history in mind, MACq01 was designed to showcase the characters and stories that shaped the island. The hotel fills a converted warehouse in the Hobart wharf, with unimpeded views of the Derwent River and a sense of the city's vibrancy. 

Quamby Estate

Quamby dates back to 1828, when Sir Richard Dry designed it as his ancestral home. Now, the historical property blends past and present, with valued antiques and modern conveniences, to create a special homstead experience for guests. 

Customer reviews

Everything was absolutely fabulous, and it was because you and your team pulled out all the stops to make it so easy for us to really have experienced New Zealand and Australia...

—Cecelia C., Malvern, PA

What a fabulous itinerary you made for us. It was perfect!

Wonderful country, delightful people, delicious food, and amazing scenery like no other. I guess our only major complaint is that we didn't have longer to see more of the country! It felt balanced in the way of activities, driving days, photo opportunities, even some R&R in the afternoons.

—Vickie B, Los Angeles, CA