Why Us

We smoothly integrate golf into a comprehensive itinerary and ensure your time in Australia is spent making memories and enjoying all that the country has to offer.

Separating the Difference Between a Good Holiday and a Great Golf Trip

Australia inspires travelers from around the world with its rich natural beauty, renowned hospitality and ability to serve guests from all backgrounds. As a country it really is a phenomenal place for honeymoons, family vacations and holidays. Many travelers will visit the country and have a good time having checked off the boxes from popular Trip Advisor activities and recommendations by friends...but they will leave Australia not understanding what a great time could have been, had they received a little guidance from the experts.

Our team has crafted custom travel itineraries to the Southern Hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands) since 1990. Working across a range of budgets and time constraints we recognize that Australia offers something unique and special.

Thus, our offer to you is our ability to leverage relationships and personal experience to mitigate risk. We want to reduce the odds of leaving thinking it was a “good time” and increase the odds of knowing you had a “great time” in Australia.

Because Golf in Australia Offers Something Unique and Should be Experienced First Hand

As a country, Australia has a history of enhancing and promoting world-class golf architecture. Modern courses like Barnbougle and Cape Wickham offer simply some of the best golfing experiences available anywhere in the world. However, not all travel to Australia is centered upon the “top courses”. There also exists an opportunity to explore unique activities and broader travel plans.

As a golfer you most likely remember rounds for not only successful shots and low scores, but for the experience of the course. The vistas. The design. The challenge. The fun!

Golf is how you choose to spend your time and experience a new location. It's also a great way to understand more about what Australia has to offer. While some choose to fish for the famed trout in Tasmania, others will visit the dazzling Great Barrier Reef. It is these unique moments that provide us a chance to appreciate a place and the act of discovery in itself. Australia golf is an ideal location to do just that!

Our Logo

The Best of Australia logo is derived from the image of a kangaroo – one of the country's most famous native species. As a national symbol of Australia, the kangaroo stands as a reminder of the uniqueness that is Australia and something that should be enjoyed and respected. Nimble and graceful, the kangaroo makes its home across wide open spaces - when witnessed in the wild, they make a truly majestic sight.

The qualities of a kangaroo – it's boundless energy, dignity and grace - also represent the country of Australia. As a company we proudly associate ourselves with this magnificent country and hope to help bring its treasures and beauty to our clients.

Customer reviews

Just wanted to thank you again for such a memorable trip. The best of my life. Still processing all that we saw and played. Blown away. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

—Matt Ginella - host at Golf Channel

What a fabulous itinerary you made for us. It was perfect!

Wonderful country, delightful people, delicious food, and amazing scenery like no other. I guess our only major complaint is that we didn't have longer to see more of the country! It felt balanced in the way of activities, driving days, photo opportunities, even some R&R in the afternoons.

—Vickie B, Los Angeles, CA